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The Long Beach Sailing Foundation is an integral part of the Long Beach Yacht Club, located on a promontory at the east end of Naples Island in Long Beach, California. Committees organize and manage a full schedule of yachting, educational, social and public-outreach programs, and the Club is recognized throughout the worldwide yachting community for its hospitality.

The Long Beach Sailing Foundation was created by a group of boaters who love sailing, understand the many rewards and strive to make it more accessible to potential sailors. 

The Foundation’s activities are built around their fleet of 11 identical Catalina-37 racing yachts donated by Catalina Yachts for world-class Match Racing. The Catalina-37 racing yachts are maintained to the highest standards for the annual
 Congressional Cup Regatta, and are used extensively for the Foundation’s programs. The Congressional Cup is an all volunteer effort hosted by the Long Beach Yacht Club.

We provide training and instruction to children and young adults, and supports only those competing on an amateur basis. For individual sailors and for selected teams, the money that is raised from donations offset the costs of equipment and training, entry fees, travel and lodging.

Long Beach Yacht Club supports community outreach programs that include Wet Wednesday with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach run by The Long Beach Sailing Foundation and the US Sailing Center.

Yes, Sea Gals will be out on the Catalina 37's again this year... our season opens on Sunday, May 11, Mother's Day!


These are non-competitive sailing events designed to to introduce women to sailing as well as build confidence, increase knowledge, and sharpen your sailing skills in a safe and fun environment. Debrief and network at the post sailing dock party!  Click Here for the Event Schedules.
The Sailing Foundation would like you to please consider allocating a portion of your charitable giving to our grant programs so that we can continue to focus on facilitating sailing education, training and support for the individual young sailors that participate in racing and regattas.

**** The Long Beach Sailing Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public-benefit corporation and your donation will be deductible for Federal and State income tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law.